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Television Glasses with Melanin - a Paradigm Shift in Viewing TV

Television screens are brighter than ever. This means more blue light - and more glare. There are many ways to reduce blue light. This page explains why glasses with melanin lenses are ideal for viewing TV

Blue Light can be a problem. It is a source of glare and it's more damaging to the eye and to the skin than the other wavelengths of light that the eye perceives as color.

There's also a lot more blue light around in today's environment. There's been a significant growth in the blue-rich, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) Recently. CFLs are filling in the gap left by the demise of the softer incandescent light bulb that is being legislated out of existence because of energy demands. And there is a lot more blue light being emitted from the bright screens in today's LCD panel televisions.

New eye wear with lenses containing Melanin are a logical answer to blue light filtration.

  • Melanin occurs naturally in the eye to reduce glare by reducing blue light; and

  • Faces of people - naturally tinted by melanin - appear on TV more than 95 % of the time.

It's an easy experiment. See for yourself. If you have cable or satellite television, just take a minute and scan quickly through the channels. You will see that within 100 consecutive channels, images of human faces will appear on more than 95 channels.

The color of most faces, is due mainly to the pigment melanin (you can Google this). It is reasonable, then, to filter TV images with melanin lenses.